Shirin is a Certified Professional Speaker, Author and Coach. Shirin’s passion for serving humanity inspired her to create Be Your Own North Star- an experience that shows light and guides people in their most challenging and darkest times, for them to reconnect with their own strengths and be resilient and unstoppable. Shirin speaks to professional associations about the issues of many of the people they work with.

She’s been there. Her own story of dramatic ups and downs and her remarkable journey of resilience which involves coming to Canada, adapting to a new country, facing single motherhood and surviving paralysis and cancer, inspires others with the wisdom and strength she’s gained along the way.


Shirin empowers others to discover the keys to being true to themselves and being their own North Star. Her approach helps her audience find peace and balance in their lives.

Shirin is known for being able to express truth in a way that makes you find clarity, think deeply and gain understanding. Her speaking style is simple, sincere and heart touching. She helps to bring acceptance and positivity in your life. 

She has a Bachelor of Arts Degree with an English Major and Psychology Minor and a Bachelor’s degree in Education from Loreto College, Calcutta University, India.

In addition to being a transformational coach and writer of meditative poetry, Shirin will be releasing her second book entitled “The Second Wife” in the Spring of 2019 in which she entails her struggles and how she chose to be her own North Star to overcome them. 

Be Your Own North Star!