A Gifted Speaker.

Shirin Ariff is a gifted speaker whose wisdom, insight and knowledge serve to not only enlighten but also inspire her audiences to create the right mindset as well as take the best action in any circumstance. She embodies both courage and integrity. 

- Cathleen Fillmore, Speakers Gold Bureau


Shirin is a Natural.

I love Shirin because of how honest she was in the delivery of her story.  She captivated me as she described each moment. Shirin is one of the most humble individuals I know. She has a great ability and skill of being able to take ideas and break them down into very simple thoughts that everyone can relate to. She is a wonderful speaker because she's relatable. When Shirin gets up on stage, she has a wonderful presence. 

- Manu Swish Goswami - CEO & Founder, Trufan, TEDx Speaker, UN Youth Ambassador, Venture Capitalist.



Shirin shared her story of resilience, fighting with  challenges and her journey from fear to courage in a very inspiring manner. Bravo 

- Zeina Darwich, Coach, Inspire Your Core


Shirin is Power!

I have one word for Shirin Ariff and that word is POWERFUL. Through her wisdom of life experiences, charming personality and hypnotizing smile, she will move any audience, any size, anywhere on any stage. It has been an honour working with her as a speaker 

- Armin Shafee - Lead Trainer and Founder, Elite Speakers Academy


Simply Phenomenal.

You were phenomenal. There were moments I thought you might have been the number one winner! And you were definitely number one in your story. Way to go!!

- Unstoppable Tracy Schmitt

Motivational Speaker


Captivated from Start to Finish.

Shirin was incredible. Her poise, cadence, and storytelling were all masterful and so authentic. I was captivated and she deserves every accolade that comes her way.

-Codi Shewan, Professional Speaker, Author of Everyday Legacy


Shirin took us from Darkness to Light.

Shirin won our hearts from the moment she took the stage in that beautiful sari. Her story was captivating and I held on to every word she spoke. Shirin's incredible courage and determination to succeed propelled her out of darkness and into the light. I'm so proud of her for all she is doing to help all of us be our own North Star! 

Congratulations on a phenomenal speech! You'll always be a winner in my heart.

-Preeti Chopra, Thought Leader, Passionate Impacts


Shirin Wins Hearts

Speaker Slaaaaaaaam! Rina and Dan, you never disappoint and always draw my favourite people! I hugged so many amazing souls! The love was off the hook! So wonderful to be back at Lula! Ohhh the memories one year ago! Sniff! 

Congratulations to all the speakers and especially Shirin...she won my heart!

- Gina Hatzis, Founder-The Too Much Woman Movement, Author and International Speaker


Shirin Rocked It!

Phenomenal job at Speaker Slam: Overcoming Adversity! Shirin rocked incredible!

-Victoria Lorient-Faibish, MEd, RP, CCC, Keynote Speaker, Author, Life Coach, Psychotherapist


Shirin is just so damn good!

The moment Shirin stepped out on stage I knew I was in for something special. Her story captivated the whole audience, drew us in emotionally and taught us something about her world, which so many of us will never experience. I really felt I was right there with her, every step of her journey - a universal message we all need to hear.

As a professional speaker who teaches others how to speak and share their Soul Story, I know the "it" factor when I hear it. 

Shirin is compelling, creative, funny, inspiring and just so damn good! 

- Odette Peek, Founder -



Shirin is truly remarkable. It is rare to find such a beautiful blend of passion and perseverance....the storms she weathered and the obstacles she overcame are nothing short of remarkable and riveting. It was an honour to have her one our platform. I highly recommend Shirin to any and all who are seeking wisdom, strength, and inspiration. Her power has created, transformed, and risen above that which sought to defeat her. Much can be learned from her journey, her vision, her courage. 

- Cynthia Stone, International Actress and Host - The Disability Channel

She is Heartful

 Shirin is an authentic speaker who captivates the audience with her truth, vulnerability and strength. He passion for helping others through her story is inspiring! - Jessica Santonato, TEDx Speaker, Founder/Director of Operations Flip The Script 


Shirin is Awesome!

-Marvin Theodore, Habits of Power, Personal Trainer and Lifestyle Coach